SmartCouncil.AI: Do a Year’s Work in Minutes

Revolutionise local government operations with SmartCouncil.AI®, the premier AI assistant designed for councils. This platform enhances reporting and document management by integrating advanced analyses for development applications (DAs), financials, compliance, legal, risk issues, and more. It combines intelligent document creation with AI-powered tools, including chatbots, accessible via email, SMS text messaging, and the web.

SmartCouncil.AI® is distinguished by its ability to rapidly process vast amounts of text, swiftly generating multiple complex documents while maintaining impeccable quality and adherence to Australian English and formatting conventions. It strictly complies with the highest data privacy standards, abiding by Australian cybersecurity and data sovereignty laws, ensuring all data processing and retention are securely managed within Australia.

Watch SmartCouncil.AI in Action

Explore the transformative power of SmartCouncil.AI® through our engaging video, showcasing real-world applications and the compelling benefits enjoyed by councils just like yours.

In-Depth Insights

Dive into our detailed PDF to discover extensive insights, including in-depth case studies, comprehensive explanations of features, and the tangible impacts of deploying SmartCouncil.AI® in local governance.

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